5th Angelversary.

How in the world has it been 5 yrs already when it seems like yesterday that you left us? Thank the Lord for helping us all cope by letting you stay next to us through all of your signs including blowing me away today. Who knows why I found your headstone striped of both vases of flowers a couple of weeks ago when no one else’s had been touched around your site but the missing notes from Olivia really upset me. Nothing could have blown away because I had just checked the flowers the week before and they were in the vases super tight. Her notes were tucked in a baggie in the vases too. Anyway, perplexed about what kind of flowers to put in there due to the time of year, I found nothing but Christmas flower choices at the stores and I wasn’t ready for those yet. After almost giving up I spotted one hot pink colored flower peeking out on a metal rack of several bunches of flowers. After digging them out I found all of your wedding bouquet flowers in your same colors in a cemetery arrangement that read $60. I questioned the sales person and found that it was marked down to $5.99 and started laughing knowing that it was one of your all to often bargain deals. That was sign enough that you guided me to what flowers that you really wanted, so I just shook my head in amazement how you always lead me. Then today I’m sitting at your grave arranging the flowers on your side of the headstone and someone taps me on the shoulder and about sent me out of my body. It’s so quiet up there and I heard nothing at all. She asked me what I was doing and started talking to me. Within minutes she tells me that she came to the cemetery looking at all the changing leaves and that she knows the caretakers. Then she asks if she can pray over me that she knew I was very troubled. Hello, this whole week is the exact same days as 5 yrs ago and I’m reliving every minute so yeah I was troubled. So she goes on to tell me that The Lord sent her a message this morning that she needed to pray over someone that needed help and peace today and that she would know who it was when she met them. She then looks at the grave and is shocked how young you were in passing and says she just felt a shock like feeling and that I was the person that needed her. She had just been curious as to how pretty the arrangement was and wanted to see how I was working on it when she first came over. She then prayed over me and it was beautiful. Then she tells me that she had weathered cancer herself and had a hysterectomy and a double mastectomy. (That helped remind me of Lisa’s situation and that this week was her surgery so I need to check on her.) She ended up staying with me and helping with me with the flowers for Ben’s side of the headstone and we prayed again before parting. What a miracle that visit was and what a peaceful feeling came over me. She was truly an angel dropped out of heaven for me. Thanks, God.
So much has happened again this year, Ali. Ben and Leslie got married and they’re having a little boy to add to the family. We’ll have 5 girls and 5 boys soon. Kaizer has adjusted to all of us and hugs and kisses dad and I and even told us that he loved us on Halloween nite. I swear he and Olivia could pass as siblings. Lesley fits right in with all of us and she and Ben just moved into a new house so they are crazy busy running two art agencies and trying to settle into a new house. Olivia is going to Blessed Sacrament School right down the street from where you are and there is a whole stream of events that made that miracle happen too! We also discovered that Fr. didn’t register Olivia’s baptism when Ben needed to register her for school so thank the Lord that I when I called the parish that they were able to talk to him and get her baptism recorded. Holy smokes, love that forgetful sweet man! Olivia loves school and its so hard to believe she’s in kindergarten already. She played soccer for the school since she’s really a year older in age and loved every minute of it. She did stop dance though, which I”m sure if you were here, that would have been a hard sell. Lol…I’m sure she can always go back to your beloved ballet some day if desired.
All of your XU friends pulled around Lisa and that brave soul has made it through a lot and it continues this week. She is surrounded by love and help and I’m sure she’ll be strong again. They all tell me how much they miss you and always tell all the stories along with laughter. Also, Julie and Chris had a little girl and she is a doll baby. All of your friends keep up with all of us and we see pictures galore on FB. Each kid is cuter than the other. BTW, smooth move the other nite too, as Julie Pugh and I are hugging at the kids soccer game, when a white feather fell from the sky right between us. We both burst out laughing. We also got to see several of the girls at Ben and Lesley’s wedding and everyone seems so happy. Of course a lot of them were at the Rock Pink Picnic too. Love being with them all. Helps your dad, sister’s and I a lot to have them near us.
They Klems girls are all in school and brain-o’s as we knew they’d be! They play all the sports and of course we don’t miss the games. Anna seems to be you all over…witty as hell and laughs in our faces while twisting us around her little finger. As for Mel’s family, Nori is in the first grade and Nico in preschool with both playing sports too. Every night is a game for someone and weekends are juggled keeping up with all the schedules. I spend lots and lots of hours since my business has slowed, babysitting to help Melanie. I can’t get enough of the kids esp those devil twins boys. They’re asleep right now upstairs and they along with Nico have taken over Wed. nite sleep overs since Nori started school. Thank God they’ll be with me all day today. You would be going crazy over them. So dang cute and their new game is to be as quiet as possible and hide from all of us and they can do it without moving for a long, long time. I swear they’re going to drive us all nuts by the age of 12 with their devil sides, but they are super smart too. It’s going to be quite the ride after raising you three girls.
You know, Al, that’s the hardest part of all of this. It was always the 5 of us and now my 3 little babies are no longer…but I’ll never quit buying in 3’s. Always did it and always will. Brittany and Brian are working hard and involved in their parish and school. Of course Melanie and Adam are swamped with work and still receiving awards for their works. Mel’s getting involved at OLV now too and maybe I’ll start volunteering again there soon. Dad and I try to keep our sanity over losing you by spending as much time with all three families as much as possible. It helps but who ever thought it gets easier over time is crazy. We hurt just as much as the minute we lost you but our comfort is our faith besides the family. Praise The Lord that He allows you to be next to all of us and I pray it never stops. I just can’t believe how many of our friends have buried a child too. We are far from alone in this and with devotion to Mary Our Mother she teaches me that with His Grace that I can deal daily. If she could watch her Son go through all of what He did in front of her eyes and still go on to live an inspirational life then I can at least fight to do my best. We love you forever and no, you will never be forgotten. It’s not possible. We still talk to Olivia about you always and she still loves going through all of the picture albums. Your wish came true and Lesley will be a good mother to her, she finally has a family again. Oh, gosh, the tears just started flowing bad so I have to end this. We’ll be at the cemetery today again and then we’ll be celebrating your life at dinner tonite. Love you as much as love is possible, Ali-Burger. Nite, sweetheart..

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