Interested in helping out Ali and her family?

You can donate to the Rock Pink 4 Ali fund by clicking the PayPal button below. Or, if you’d prefer to donate by check, please make checks payable to and deposit at any 5/3 Bank.

Rock Pink For Ali
(include FBO Ali Nunery in the Memo area)


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  1. Hi, my name is Shannon. I was at the MICU University Hospital the night Ali passed away. My finace’s father was passing away that same week. The night of Nov. 3rd I walked out of the room of my fiance’s father only to find Ali’s mother in-law and daughter Olivia asleep in her stroller. Ben’s mother asked me “was i there to visit Ali?” I of course said “no” wondering who that was. Then remembered through the vine of hearing about her conditon. Seeing that she was only a few rooms away. You notice and you can hear the crying but you are only consumed in your own problems. When she asked we then began to talk, and my heart just went out to everyone involved including that angel that layed sleeping there unaware of what was going on. After telling her I would pray for Ali and she was going to pray for my fiances father we left. I got into the elevator and broke down. It put more into perspective for me seeing that his father had lived a “full life”, and Ali has not. I have thought of her since then, and for her family. Then last night my fiance brings home the newspaper, because his mom called saying what was on it, and I read the article. I still stand by that it wasn’t fair, and that she didn’t get to live a long enough life, but then again I agree with her sister who says she accomplished more in 31 years than most people in a lifetime. If there is anyway you can touch base with Ben’s mother, and let her know I am still thinking of you all.

  2. I live in Louisville, Ky and wanted to make a donation. I can not access Paypal. I have a small embroidery business and I wanted to donate some of my profits to you all. Can I make a donation at a 5/3 in Louisville or does it need to be a Cincinnati branch?
    Rachael Carmichael

  3. Hey there! I currently am working with Sheila who goes to Starfire U which is in Cincinnati. We are currently planning events for children in the area and saw and loved your blog! We really like that you make tutus for people in the area and wanted to invite you to a kickoff event at Starfire. We are brainstorming ideas for different events that we can put on for children in the Cincinnati area. We would love to work with you amd have you join our event or get together to chat! If at all possible, please email us back at If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

    here is extra info about Starfire:

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