3rd Annual Rock Pink Partay!

Who is ready to PARTAY again?

DadAli Mark your calendars for the next annual ROCK PINK PARTAY! It’s going to be a great time! We are celebrating the day after Ali’s 34th (wow!) bday!

JULY 19, 2014

We had a great time picnicking last year and hope you will come to Fernbank again! And don’t worry, we will all be rockin’ our pink again!

benBahaha. This image was in the beginning of their relationship. I really didn’t know Ben well at all when we took this image at our old loft photobooth. So glad I can finally use it for something other than blackmail. Thanks for the smile Uncle Ben! 😀

Anyone who wants to help or donate items/food/your talents/water balloon throwing skills/breaking down table skills…please email Nonni. mamabam@zoomtown.com

thanks! Love, Melanie.

2 thoughts on “3rd Annual Rock Pink Partay!

  1. I personally don’t know you guys I just came across Ali’s story through Tyrese’instagram.Knowing that I am abig softie on the inside,I didnt want to read the full story at first,but it kept haunting me.I went on dailymail, read the story, and cried for three straight hours.I dont know how Ben(and the whole fam)manage to keep strong but from the bottom of my heart I prayed for you today,I asked the Virgin Mary to fulfill Ali’s place and to protect the cutest kid ever,Olivia.This is insane that I am still rubbing my eyes,punching walls to feel like an adult again.This story made me think of the movie”A walk to remember”.it was only a fiction but now it.has come reality after reading this tear jerking story of Ali.sorry for my long comment but dear Ben and Olivia,imagine how God,Ali herself and your families love you if even us,strangers who have not met you once(eventho i wish so) think about you guys.There is no other words for me to say,but may God shower you with his love and confort until you meet the love of your life again.on the other note,Melanie would pass for the best sister in the world.bye,am getting chills..again

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